May 3, 2016

Anniversary Messages

Anniversary MessagesAnniversary Messages for two people who are celebrating their time together can be meaningful and thoughtful. Or if it suits your personality better, you can also go the humorous direction.

(Work Anniversary Messages can be
found in this business messages post)

When we want to express Anniversary well wishes to a couple, a great card with a handwritten sentiment inside is perfect.

Below are some Anniversary messages that I’ve written. Feel free to mix and match the sentences to suit your needs. A lot of Anniversaries are celebrated during milestone years that have an appropriate ’classification’ for example: The Silver Anniversary. The Gold and so on..feel free to substitute those designations anywhere within your message.

Anniversary Messages:

May your love and happiness for one another continue to grow as you celebrate an Anniversary together. Thinking of you both on your special day.

Happy Anniversary to you both! I wish you the very best as you celebrate the special day you both said ‘I do’…

Mom and Dad, as you celebrate your Anniversary, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the the love and support you showed one another through the years. It meant the world to me growing up and it warms my heart to see you both going strong. Happy Anniversary!

Wishing you continued health, happiness and love on your Anniversary.

I was thinking that perhaps it’s time you two write a book about the secret to your happiness. Another Anniversary, another year for us all to admire you both. So what’s the secret?? Happy Anniversary, again!

To my wonderful Parents on their Anniversary. Enjoy your special day and know that I will be thinking of you both. Thank you for being the parents and the couple that I have always been able to admire. Happy Anniversary…

Sending you both our best wishes on your Anniversary this year. May your relationship and happiness continue to grown even stronger together. Thinking of you both and Happy Anniversary.

I was there on the day the two of you said “I do” and as each year passes, I rejoice in celebrating your special day again. Happy Anniversary!

To your continued health, happiness and love on your Anniversary, I send you my very best on your special day. Happy Anniversary to the both of you.

Successful love and relationships are something to be admired. Through the ups and downs you both have remained together and strong. That is something to celebrate and I wish you the very best. Congratulations to the both of you and Happy Anniversary.

Today is the day we celebrate the Anniversary of two very special people. I adore you both and wish you the best as you take on a new year together in your marriage.  Happy Anniversary and and wishes for your happiness together.

Anniversary Messages

(Work Anniversary Messages can be found in this business messages post)

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