June 24, 2016

Anniversary Cards

anniversary cardsAnniversary Cards that have a homemade look can give the recipient that extra ‘touch’ in look and feel.

As they say, it’s the little details that we all notice and a card with real pressed flowers and texture can provide that extra umph we all look for in a card.

What I liked about this Anniversary Card is the fact the inside is blank so it can be either used for a personal Anniversary Card to a significant other, or it can be used as an Anniversary Card to a couple celebrating their anniversary.

Meaning this Anniversary Card is nice and versatile.

It’s the type of Anniversary Card we can buy several of and have them on hand for when the need arises to send someone a Anniversary Message via the mail.

Found via Amazon for $3.75

Card Pictured Information & link to Amazon: Anniversary, Wedding Anniversary “Happy Anniversary” Heart Pressed Flower Handmade Greeting Card ~

  • Handcrafted greeting made with handmade card stock.
  • Handmade paper card stock – made from recycled cotton.
  • Blank card with matching handmade paper envelope.
  • Each card is placed in a clear cover.
  • Size: approximately 4.5″ x 6.5″. Pressed flower art on handmade card stock.

Back of each card has the words “The radiant beauty of Nature is captured with pressed flowers and leaves. No chemical or artificial colour is used. The paper is handmade from recycled cotton.” The card is placed in a clear cover to protect the artwork. As each card id individually handmade, he picture representation is not exact, but close.

 Anniversary Cards

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