Funny Birthday Wishes

Funny Birthday Wishes

Funny Birthday Wishes can be the perfect sentiment for a friend or family member that knows how to laugh in the face of yet another Birthday.

Or maybe your personality comes across better through humor. Either way, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t appreciate the lighter side of life and a Funny Birthday Wish can indeed be a lot of fun!

If you’re looking for Funny Birthday Wishes, then feel free to look over these messages I’ve wrote, mix and match and see if any would work for you!

Funny Birthday Wishes:

I know all your secrets and I’ll take them to the grave. Just remember, that includes your TRUE age.

They say Men get wiser with age, but the only thing I’ve noticed is that their remote controls just get more and more complex with each year. I hope you got a new Mack Daddy remote to keep up with your age…Happy Birthday!

Another year, another age bracket. Oh the joys of getting older where everyone like’s to point out our newly acquired ‘oldness’ on a Birthday. So, in case you didn’t realize it. You’re older, but I still dig ya!

With each Birthday we get a bit more plush and add a few new wrinkles in the mix. That’s Birthdays Baby!

They say as people get older that everyone will start to assure you that you still look really, really good. I’m here to say that from my view you look rather ordinary. (I’m trying a reverse psychology this year)

Another year, another candle on the cake. Don’t worry, I think I can wait another year or two before there’s a need to put the Fire Department on standby.

Enjoy your special day and don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Tomorrow on a non-special day, just head over to my house and we’ll do a grey hair check. No need to find out bad news today!

Happy Birthday to Yooooooouu…..Happy Birthday to Yooouuu…Happy Birthday Dear Friend. HaPPy Birthday To YOUUU! What? You still don’t appreciate my fine singing skills? Ok, how about You. Birthday. Be Happy. Yo. (sing in rap form please)

Remember how excited we were to turn 21? Yay, those days are definitely over but the good news is everything we do now is legal. For the most part…

Wine, Cheese and Age. They say they all get better with age and I think you are looking mighty tasty these days.

How many Birthdays does it take to screw in a lightbulb? I don’t know either, but I gotta tell you, your light is blazing Bright today!

Friend. Please know I am here for you today on this Birthday. If you feel any panic, fear or fright just call me and I’ll walk you through this new age bracket process.

At least with good friends around on Birthdays we can help you keep it real because let’s face it, we all have to experience this getting older business once a year too, so you’re not alone!

Ok, you’ve celebrated your 29th birthday for several years now. As your Best Friend I think it’s time to tell you. It’s time to bump that number up and start turning 39 for awhile…but no worries, I’ll always see you as a 29 year old!

Cheers! I’d say we could do a round for every year you’ve been alive, but I don’t think we could handle the next day like we used too. So instead, I raise a single toast to you and say, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I’ve brought the fire extinguisher in case things get out of hand with that blaze of Birthday Cake you’ll have this year. Remember, deep breath, focus and blow until your eyes bug out and if that doesn’t put out all the candles I’ll bring in the extinguisher.

 Funny Birthday Wishes

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  1. The one about a friend turning 29 over and over is perfect for my friend. I’ll be using that one! Except she’s turning 37 so I’m going to say let’s go with 35 for a couple of years.

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