November 25, 2015

Business Birthday Wishes

Business Birthday CardsEvery company values their employees and a great way to show them your appreciation is to acknowledge their special day.

Business Birthday Wishes should be more than whatever is pre-printed in the Business Birthday card.

Let’s do this the handwritten way and MORE than a quick name scratch. Truth is, the most impersonal thing you can do for an employee is hand them a Birthday card with a signature or two scratched on it. I’ve been the employee and I assure you, I noticed when I got the name scratch and it didn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The following are some simple and genuine birthday wishes I’ve wrote that you could use for an employee Birthday Greeting.

Business Birthday Wishes: 

From all of us at XYZ, we wanted to wish you the very best on your Birthday.

We heard there is a Birthday in the building and we wanted to throw in our Best Birthday Wishes to you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you from all of us at XYZ. Wishing you the very best.

It’s a day to celebrate here at XYZ. Happy Birthday from all of us!

Wishing you the very best as you celebrate your big day. Happy Birthday from all of us at XYZ.

Business Birthday Wishes

Business Birthday Cards Pictured via Amazon:Balloons Customized Greeting Cards for Business, Happy Birthday (25) ~ Send these festive Birthday cards to your employees to celebrate their big day! Colorful balloons and confetti send Happy Birthday wishes to that will last all year. Price shown is unit price when sold in 100 quantity. Minimum purchase 25. Cards can be customized with a choice of more than 20 verses, plus different type styles and colors. Businesses may also provide their own verse or personalize cards with a logo.


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