Thought of the Day: Books

thought of the day booksThis thought of the day is about the books we read.

I used to be a book collector. Or hoarder if I may be so blunt.

I’d read a book and lovingly place it on a bookshelf to collect dust and wait patiently for me to never open it again.

If I lent a book, I expected it back.

But after a time as I gazed at the enormous amount of books on the shelf, I realized that there was no reason to collect so many books over the years. Books I knew I’d never open again.

The truth is, some books will connect within and I’ll read them over and over. I love them that much. Some books I enjoyed, but they weren’t something I’d read over again.

So I sifted through my bookshelf, only keeping the ones I’d read more than once and was left with exactly 18 books. My new permanent library.

The hundreds of other dusted and neglected books were donated to bring enjoyment to others.

As books should….

Thought of the Day: A book you can read again and again should go in your permanent library. A book worthy of a single read should be donated…

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