May 5, 2016

Graduation Messages

Graduation MessagesGraduation Messages are a great way to send a new Grad into their future.

It’s quite an accomplishment to graduate, whether it’s from Kindergarten or spanning through the years to earning a degree from College.

We are proud of those that work hard and graduate. It’s the perfect time to let them know how proud we are of them with a Graduation card.

Below are graduation messages that I’ve written for the occasion. Feel free to personalize the messages, mix and match and find one that fits your sentiments. XYZ=needs personalized with a name…

Graduation Messages:

Sending our best wishes on your Graduation. You have worked hard for all of your accomplishments and we are excited to see what the future holds for you. Well done and congratulations!

Congratulations! A graduation is something to celebrate and we wanted to let you know how proud we are of your accomplishments. May the future be everything you hope and work for.

XYZ, we are so proud of everything you have accomplished. A graduation is a stepping stone for you, so take a leap and enjoy what the future has to offer. Well done and Congratulations to you!!

You did it and we couldn’t be prouder of all you’ve accomplished! Congratulations on graduating from XYZ. We look forward to watching you make way through your next adventure in life. Well done!

Enjoy the moment they hand you that piece of paper that says you’ve graduated, you certainly earned it! Congratulations on quite an accomplishment and know we’ll be cheering you on from the crowd during your special moment…and throughout your future. Thinking of you always…

It’s quite an achievement to graduate and you’ve done it! Well done, congratulations and it has to be said, we are so proud of you.

The day you graduate is like walking through a door. Look back with fond memories and take everything that has helped you into the future. Congratulations to a reward well earned!

From all of us to you: Congratulations on your Graduation! We are beyond proud of everything you have accomplished. Well done XYZ!

A Graduation is an accomplishment you’ll carry with you for a lifetime. Be proud of what you’ve done, we certainly are! Congratulations and wishing you well as you take this next step into your future.

An education is something you will carry with you for a lifetime. Congratulations on making a positive leap into your future. Enjoy your Graduation, you earned it!

Graduation Messages

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  1. I saw a gtrudaae in cap and gown posing at the University of Utah rock entrance to Presidents Circle, surrounded by family, bright new Park Building in the background, and along with this wonderful post, it definitely brings on a rush of excitement for all those bright new futures out there.

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