Thank You Notes Boxed Set

Writing a Thank You Note for any reason, for any occasion is a simple act of gratitude.

Running to the store each time you’d like to write a Thank You card isn’t exactly convenient and it’s one of those things that can always be put off for another day.

Which is why I recommend to any and everyone to get themselves a boxed set of Thank You Notes to keep at home.

I’ve found for myself personally, if I have a box of thank you cards here at the house, I tend to write a lot more thank you cards for the little things in life then I would if I have to run to the store each time I feel gratitude towards another.

I discovered this great set of simple Thank You card via Amazon and ordered a set for myself. When I have a set of stamps and a box of cards here at the house, I definitely partake in sending out personal handwritten notes and letters FAR more often and I can tell you. The people in my life appreciate my random notes in the mail!

Thank You Stationery Featured via Amazon: Bob’s Your Uncle Thanks a Bunch Box of Cards ~

  • Set includes 8 thank you cards, 2 each of 4 designs
  • Printed on FSC certified paper with soy inks
  • Includes paper envelopes in a craft box
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