April 30, 2016

Valentine Cards

Chinese Love Poem Valentine CardIn my quest for unique and interesting cards, I came across this Valentine Card that is pretty AND contains a wonderful traditional Chinese Poem for lovers.

“As long as you love me,
I’ll stay by your side,
I’ll be your companion,
Your friend and your guide,
As long as you love me,
As long as you care,
I’ll do anything for you,
I’ll go anywhere,
I’ll bring you the sunshine,
I’ll comfort your fears,
I’ll gather up rainbows,
To chase all your tears,
As long as forever,
My love will be true,
For as long as you love me,
I’ll only love you”

I’d say that poem says it all. What I really like about this card is that the poem is located on the inside left of the card and the entire right side is left blank for you to write your own personal Valentine Message inside.

Additional information about the featured card visit Amazon or visit this link: Valentine’s Day Card – Chinese Calligraphy “Love” with Chinese Love Poem $8.95

  • Greeting Card printed on fine glossy paper with ivory parchment paper insert.
  • Write your own thoughts or messages.
  • The card is 5.5″ x 8.5″ and includes a white mailing envelope.
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