Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentines Day Ideas

Chocolates are sweet...but only for someone who (really) LOVES Chocolate

Valentine’s Day Ideas are something you can find all over the Internet, especially as the big day get’s closer and closer.

But this post is about narrowing down what your other half loves to a specific theme and building your gift around it.

There’s a whole lotta red hearts and sweetness going on in the stores, the Internet and yesterday I noticed a nice assortment of pink plastic roses and heart holding teddy bears at the local gas station.

There’s nothing wrong with going the generic route on Valentine’s Day. Your other half will appreciate that you did something and it’s all good.

But if you’re here because you’d like to give a gift on Valentine’s Day that means a lot to your significant other AND shows them that you’ve put a lot of thought into their gift, then keep reading.

This Valentine’s Day Ideas post is about giving something that shows your other half that you pay attention to what brings them joy in their day to day life. This post is about laser targeting your gift to the individual that means the most to you.

Easy right? Let’s narrow things down….

Valentine’s Day Ideas and Themes For Him & Her:

You really can narrow down the mystery of “What a Woman Wants” & “What a Man Wants” with a few simple questions.

You know YOUR other half and their personality and individuality. Likes and dislikes and what they enjoy in life. ماكينة القمار على الأنترنات Answer a few of the following questions and let’s establish the ‘Theme” you’ll use…

  • What is the number one thing he/she loves to do?
  • Does he/she collect something? What?
  • What does your other half dream of doing someday?
  • What do the two of you enjoy doing together?
  • What does your other half do in their spare time?

Got a few specific answers? Great. Let’s establish your theme now.

For example: فيديو بوكر على الانترنت من أجل المال If you answered the first question that you’re lady loves to cook. That’s your theme. real money online slots usa If you answered the first question that your guy loves to fish. That’s your theme. الشفق القطبي الشمالي فتحة If you answered that your other half wants to travel to Alaska someday. That’s your theme. Pure Platinum casino slots If the two of you enjoy going to the movies together. That’s your theme.

Now that you have picked a specific theme, you’re going to build your thoughtful gift around it.

Look for unique gifts that pertain to your theme. Something that your other half wouldn’t go out and get for themselves. For example: If your other half collects wine, you could get them a Moleskine Passions Wine Journal, buy a beautiful red pen for them to record their wine loves, a new wine book, a new bottle opener, a bottle of good wine, and some complimenting cheese.

Once you have your theme, try to find 3, 4, 5 things that compliment it and gather those items up. Put them all in a pretty gift bag or basket and when you give your gift on Valentine’s Day, you’ll know that your efforts will be appreciated and used.

I’ve followed up with specific Him & Her ideas that expand on themes for top videopokeripelin verkossa oikeaa rahaa Valentines Day Ideas <~~here

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