May 5, 2016

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentines Day IdeasValentine’s Day Ideas: This is a follow up to the post Valentines Day Ideas with more specific examples of how you can narrow down a theme for the lady or guy in your life and expand on it with gifts they’ll love.

I’d suggest putting any gifts you gather up in a pretty basket, gift bag or make sure it’s wrapped in your classic Valentine’s Day fanfare. Presentation is important! Some theme’s might not feel ‘romantic’ to you, but with the right presentation, you can make anything heartfelt.  Now, let’s look for a “theme” you can run with.

Valentine’s Day Ideas For Her:

First off, if you know your lady would love any of the following–shoes, purses, clothes, jewelry–you can’t go wrong getting her any of those items IF you know exactly what she would want.

It’s easy to discover what your lady would love specifically if you participate in a little reconnaissance adventure. Weeks before Valentine’s Day, be brave and suggest a shopping trip with your gal. Head to a mall, a specialty store, anywhere she enjoys and then pay close attention to what she oohs & ahhs over. We ladies will naturally gravitate to exactly what we like when in a store.

Big Hint: Woman can’t help but touch the things we covet in a store….if she touches it, you’re good to go!

All you have to do is take mental notes and return to the store alone and you’ll know you got a winner. Plus, your gal will be amazed that you even noticed how much she loved that Kate Spade purse and got it for her.

Moleskin Passion Recipe JournalTheme Idea: If the #1 thing your gal loves to do is cook, a new mixer might not be considered romantic or thoughtful. However a Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal, a beautiful pen, some specialized kitchen spices or gadgets could be a thoughtful gift.

Theme Idea: If she loves wine, take a look at the Moleskine Passions Wine Journal and buy a beautiful red pen for her to record her wine loves, a new wine book, a new bottle opener, a bottle of good wine, some complimenting cheese.

Kindle Fire for Valentines

Kindle Fire

Theme Idea: If your lady loves to read, maybe this is the year you heat up her reading with a Kindle Fire, a candle for her to light next to her and a new ultra soft red blanket she can curl up in to read.

Theme Idea: Is there something she collects? Take the time to search out something unique to compliment her collection. It will show her that you know how much she loves something and you wanted to add a special piece to it.

Theme Idea: Has she always wanted to paint? Does she have an artistic streak that’s waiting to come out? Gather up some sketchpads, artist pencils, watercolors and so on and put them all together for her to enjoy when she’s ready.

Theme Idea: Many couples ‘connect’ via music. If you have a special song that means something to both of you, consider giving her a music box that plays that song. A gift like a beautiful custom music box is something she would cherish forever.

Valentines Day Ideas For Him:

What I mentioned above for the ladies works for men as well! If you would like to get your guy a specific personal item, drag him out shopping and watch him like a hawk. See if he gravitates to something specific that you wouldn’t normally buy for him.

Theme Idea: Food. You know what they say about the way to a mans heart. Think about what your guy absolutely loves to eat. If you could spend Valentines Day afternoon cooking him all of his favorite foods and spend the evening stuffing him full of those foods, he’ll be thrilled. The act of making him all his favs could mean far more to him than wrapped up gifts. If you still want to wrap, store his favorite cookies, brownies and fudge in boxes and wrap away. I promise he’ll love that over say…a teddy bear.

Theme Idea: If your guy is an Fisherman. Whether it’s regular fishing or fly fishing, it’s the beginning of the year and they all need to stock up for the new year. Fishing gear might not seem very romantic to you, but I assure you, any guy that got a pretty red basket filled with fishing lures or Fly Fishing flies is going to think you are a rockstar. If it makes you feel better, buy every piece of red and pink fishing gear you can find. Add a book like the The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing .

Theme Idea: If he reads a lot, then collect items that will compliment his reading experience. Like the lady idea above, maybe a Kindle Fire will heat up his reading experience. Get him his own reading blanket. Maybe add a notebook or two so he can take notes.

Theme Idea: Does he watch a lot of movies? Hit Amazon and find old movies/new movies he doesn’t have in his collection. Put together a gift basket with popcorn or his favorite snacks. Then snuggle up for the night and watch them with him.

Theme Ideas: Does he love sports? Put together a gift package of his favorite team. Get him tickets to an event, buy him a DVD of a special event he loved watching. Get him a mug to call his own with his favorite sports team on it.

I know this post isn’t full of red hearts and teddy bears, but rather a way to give your sweetheart something they would really enjoy and appreciate on Valentine’s Day.

Again, just about everything your other half loves can be considered romantic if presented correctly!

~ Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him and Her ~ 

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  1. My husband loves golf and I have to admit, getting him a bunch of golf items together doesn’t sound fun for me but I’m certain he would be beyond thrilled and would probably think it’s the most romantic gift I’ve ever given him.

    I’m going to try it this year. A red basket filled with his favorite golf things.Thanks

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