December 1, 2015

Valentine’s Day for Kids

Valentines Book for Kids

Valentine’s Day For Kids

As I was searching for Valentine’s Day cards for my daughter, I ran across this adorable Curious George Valentines Book.

You can’t ever go wrong with a book and I think this one would make for a wonderful gift to give a little one on Valentine’s Day.

Plus, it’s Curious George enjoying a Valentine’s Day, I’m not you could get much sweeter than that.

Valentines Book Pictured via Amazon: Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George ~ George and his friends celebrate Valentine’s Day with decorating, baking, card making and some unexpected hilarity along the way! Just how much mischief can a curious little monkey get into when balloons, frosting, and glitter are involved? Fold-out flaps on each scene reveal lively surprises in this humorous celebration of friendship. Sparkly red foil shines on the cover and throughout the book.

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