November 30, 2015

Unique Valentine’s Day Cards

Unique Valentine's Day CardUnique Valentine’s Day Cards can be fun for anyone you send a piece of love too…

These puzzle Valentine’s Day Cards look fun and give the recepient something to do when they first open up your Valentine’s Day message.

I think kids would really love a Valentine Card like this and the price via Amazon is just $5.99 for 12 puzzle cards. That makes these Unique Valentine’s Day cards both fun and affordable.

Valentine’s Day Puzzle Card pictured via Amazon: 12 Valentine Puzzle Cards ~ 12 Valentine Puzzle Cards! These cardboard puzzle are unique Valentine’s Day cards. Write a message on each card and slip them into the included envelopes. For even more fun, disassemble the puzzle before putting it into the envelope and make the recipient put the puzzle together before they can read your greeting! (22 puzzle pieces per card)

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